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Why Hire Me for Your Insurance Claim?


Insurance companies make more money when they collect a lot of premiums and pay out as few claims as possible. While they should pay valid claims, many of them understand that for every 10 valid claims they deny, only a few will be successful in battling through the process to overturn the denial. Your insurance company will therefore investigate your claim before making any benefit payment to you, and often seize on a narrative they think will support a denial, regardless of its merit.


With a properly submitted insurance claim you are more likely to be paid what you are owed. Mistakes made in the process of submitting your insurance claim, or providing wrong information to the investigating insurer, can lead to costly denial or underpayment of your claim. As one of the few attorneys in Illinois focusing on representing only policyholders, I can help  you in making your insurance claim – and significantly increase the likelihood of full recovery of the money that is owed under the policy.


I have been helping policyholders make claims and litigate coverage denials since 2006. I hold the insurance company to its obligations over the entire course of the insurance claim. By representing you early in the process I learn all the facts surrounding your loss.  I am then able to quickly shift to filing suit in the event of a denied or underpaid claim.


But what are the advantages of hiring an insurance lawyer for your insurance claim? Here is a brief list…

* A lawyer is trained to analyze and research contract language to determine if damage is covered. Lawyers focusing on insurance contracts develop specific knowledge and experience with this particular type of contract.

* In my case, I understand what you are going through. My house suffered a fire in January of 2000 and I had to fight to get my own insurance claim paid. My insurer, a well-known company claiming to be like a good neighbor, fought me every step if the way. This is one of the reasons I decided to become a lawyer and limit my practice to insurance claims, so I could help others correct the imbalance of power between the policyholder and insurance company.

* I work mostly on a contingency basis, meaning I don't get paid unless you get paid. I will also tailor our retention agreement to start my contingency percentage lower at the beginning, and rising as additional work such as filing suit becomes necessary.

* My clients consistently tell me they are very relieved after retaining me as their attorney.

I am one of the few who has this narrow focus on insurance policy claims. The types of policy claims I handle include:

  • Life
  • Accidental death
  • Fire and other property damage
  • Liability to others
  • Own occupation disability
  • Uninsured motorist

There are other areas such as personal injury or apparently uninsured property damage that can still be resolved through insurance, so feel free to reach out to me for a free consultation to determine if I can assist in your loss. 


I can be reached any of the following ways*: 

  • fill out a consultation request,

  • email me at steven@ecoesq.com, or

  • call me at 847-436-9566 (afternoons are preferred)

*Disclaimer: We are not creating an attorney/client relationship by you submitting any initial information. This relationship will only arise through an engagement letter signed by both of us.

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