September 27, 2012 @ 7:08 PM

If you have suffered a house fire and are preparing to file your claim with the insurance company, it is essential that you seek expert opinions when needed. Insurance companies have only one thing in mind – their bottom line. Yes, you paid your premium and they will provide you with some sort of compensation. However, chances are high that they will try to repair as many items as possible instead of replacing them. This is when expert opinions come in handy.

Imagine that your home is still standing after a fire. The floors are smoke-damaged and soaked with water – but they still appear to be structurally sound. Your insurance company may decide that sanding and sealing the floors is the best option, rather than ripping them out and replacing them. This is when you need an expert to provide the reasons why replacement is the better option. You can voice your own opinion all you want – but your insurance company is only going to hear the opinions of the professionals. To help protect your best interests after a fire, consider hiring a fire claim Illinoisattorney to help you bring in experts and get the compensation you deserve.