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Practice Areas

My primary areas of practice include complex insurance claims and general commercial litigation.

Complex Insurance Claims

An insurance policy is a contract that is contingent on the occurrence of an event. If that event has now happened, i.e. you have had a property loss on a homeowner, renters, business or auto policy, the death of the insured on a life insurance policy or your disability under such a policy you are entitled to the contract benefits.

Home loss claims are by their nature complex. They are a mixture of negotiating the value of lost property, interpreting both contract language and custom for repair or replacement decisions, and arguing for coverage if the insurer denies that certain losses are covered. Denied claims require litigation and are usually complex.

Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the issues and are unsure of your ability to negotiate your own insurance claim. If you are in Illinois, I can represent you and take much of the burden off your shoulders. Having an attorney on your side can often make a difference in how the insurance company views your claim.

I have experience recovering under term-life, homeowners/renters, commercial property, auto, and private disability. These are all first-party actions against one's own insurance company, and is the area of law on which I concentrate my practice.



I can be reached any of the following ways*: 

  • fill out a consultation request,

  • email me at steven@ecoesq.com, or

  • call me at 847-436-9566 (afternoons are preferred)

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