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While there are thousands of lawyers nationwide helping clients file insurance claims, very few have credentials comparable to attorney Steven B. Pollack. Unlike the vast majority of lawyers who specialize in insurance claims, Steven actually had a fire of his own, and went through the entire process of filing a claim prior to becoming a lawyer. That experience is a major reason that he made the decision to become a lawyer.


Steven has handled countless insurance claims throughout the past several years and has recovered millions of dollars for his clients on claims which were underpaid or denied. What truly sets Steven apart, however, is that he will get to know you personally and become like an extension of your family through the process of making your claim.


Many people don’t realize how important it is to hire an actual attorney when they’ve experienced a insured loss, but there are few situations where it is as important to retain a legal representative. If the fire was intentionally set, you will need to hire an attorney regardless of who set the fire. Until the authorities and insurer are satisfied that someone else is responsible for starting the fire, you will be considered the prime suspect. Since the insurance company may not pay your claim if you started the fire, caused someone else to start it, or they think they can make an allegation of either, it is extremely important to hire an experience insurance lawyer who knows your rights and knows exactly how to disprove such potential allegations.


After a fire, an insurer may demand that you submit to an examination under oath. This typically takes place in the office of the insurance company and is attended by a court reporter, the insurance company’s adjuster, the insurance company’s attorney, and you. There are no rules governing the length or content of these meetings, and they are often used by insurance companies towards the end of the claim after the sworn statement in proof of loss has been submitted. Oftentimes, you will be questioned on information pertaining to items of high value and any areas where coverage may be in dispute. If by chance you have not hired an insurance attorney up to that point, it is absolutely necessary to reach out to one at that point. However, to get the most benefit from an attorney, hire one like Steven B. Pollack immediately after the fire, before any contracts have been signed or settlements agreed upon.


As the insured, always remember that you have the right to be compensated for any damage for which you are not at fault. While the time immediately following a disaster like a fire can be fraught with uncertainty, help yourself by hiring an insurance lawyer and putting your future in the hands of an expert.



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