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Insurance Claim Law For Illinois Homeowners

When disaster strikes, hiring an experienced lawyer to negotiate with your insurer will bring stability to your life.

Our house had a devastating fire. Fortunately, nobody (besides our poor cat) was hurt. I remember how it felt after the fire, the pressure of wanting to get my family back into our home and the pressure from my insurance company to agree to remedies that were unsatisfactory. Public adjusters were showing up at our home trying to sell their services with scare tactics. I spent hundreds of hours learning about the insurance contract, contractors, and building codes. At the same time I was balancing my job with making dozens of major decisions every month.

Negotiating your own claim can give you a sense of control when your life feels anything but in control. That feeling can come at the cost of an effective insurance settlement though. Letting go by trusting someone who has been there before and represents your interests with professional detachment will give you more control than slugging it out directly with the insurer. In the end you will get through this and it will fade into the past. But right now you need to take control of your life.

Hiring a professional to negotiate your claim puts you in control.

  1. Recover what is owed under your contract without worrying about unknown issues
  2. Go about your life while someone else does the dirty work
  3. Maintain your sense of emotional balance and perspective

What do you want to do now?


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