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Insurance Claim

Damage to property can be devastating for any home or business owner. When the unthinkable happens, it is important to understand exactly how to file a claim so you can get the repairs you need and get back on your feet again. If you haven’t experienced it before, the difficulty in filing a successful insurance claim can come as quite a shock. At that juncture, it’s important to get help from an experienced insurance claim attorney, such as Steven B. Pollack. As a practicing attorney in Illinois, he has the specific knowledge of the legal system that is required in order to get you everything you’re entitled to under the law.


Unlike an public insurance adjuster, an attorney like Steven has specific knowledge of the legal system that helps clients obtain the contracted-for amount of money from insurance companies. He does this through a combination of contract analysis, research of cases litigated on similar issues, and his legal experience. An adjuster can mostly provide services related to the value of covered damaged property, whereas an attorney like Steven can also provide you with assistance on whether there is coverage for the damage, and can do so all the way to the courtroom if necessary.


What sets Steven apart from other lawyers who handle insurance claims is that he has experienced his own fire loss to his home. In 2000, his own house caught on fire, and he had to go through the same trouble as you to get compensated for his loss. The insurance company did not respond in good faith according to the terms of the insurance policy, and it was very difficult for Steven to be made whole. Naturally, this is one of the main reasons that he decided to handle insurance claims, and it is why he continues to fight to this day to see that his clients' insurance claims are paid in full.


Because Steven understands exactly how difficult it can be when a loss damages your home or business, he typically does not take a fee unless you are successful with your claim. In other words, if you don’t get paid, neither does he. To ensure that you do get paid, he will walk you through every single facet of the case, ranging from the presentation of the sworn statement in proof of loss to the examination under oath. Steven performs in-depth initial consultations (free) before agreeing to provide representation. When he believes it is in the best interest of the potential client, Steven often provides his recommendations on how to get the claim paid without the need for represention. That way the potential client can decide if they want to handle the claim by themself or if they want to obtain representaiton.


There are several different types of insurance law that Steven practices which may apply to your case. He has experience dealing with sewer backup, hail damage, loss of property during transportation, and wind damage cases, and can help ensure that you get your fair shake in any such claim. Whether you have a fire or a flood, Steven B. Pollack can help you make sure that you file a successful insurance claim.


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