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Fire Claim

Fire Claim

Having a fire can be one of the most devastating events in an individual’s or family’s life. Having fire insurance is usually the only way that the home can be replaced so that the residents can regain their normal lifestyle. Unfortunately, filing and negotiating a fire claim can be a frustrating and confusing process that only makes matters more difficult. The fire claims adjuster is working to protect the rights of the insurance company while you are on your own to get what is coming to you. Having an attorney experienced in fire insurance on your side can help take the added burden off your shoulders.

Steven B. Pollack is an Illinois attorney who has a narrow focus of helping those who have had a fire get their compensation by protecting their rights. He has a great deal of experience in helping others with their fire claim and he has also experienced the same kind of loss for himself. The fire he experienced, in part, led to his ambition to help others who have been put in the same position. He uses his expertise of the law to help individuals negotiate fire insurance claims and also has the expertise to help in other areas of insurance law.

Having Steven B. Pollack to help you with the entire process from filing your fire claim to representing you in court, if needed, means that he is familiar with your case from the onset. He knows the typical behaviors of the insurance company and the adjusters and what can be done to prevent their denial of your fire insurance claims. He will walk you through every facet of the case so that you are prepared for any circumstance that arrives. When it comes to needing an insurance fire claims lawyer, Steven is one of the few who has such a narrow focus. To prove his confidence in being able to help his clients, he doesn’t charge any fees unless you win your fire claim.

Never count on the honesty of your insurance company when you have a fire and try to collect on a claim. No matter what they said when you took out your insurance policy, they are going to try to get away with not paying you your money! Any fire that requires you to file a claim is one which you should have a qualified attorney to protect your rights. It shouldn’t be left up to you to deal with the fire claims adjuster when they try to scare you out of your claim. Steven knows the law and he knows how insurance companies work. You can rely on him to prevent your claim from being denied whenever it is possible.

Go to www.fireclaimlaw.com to learn more about the services Steven B. Pollack offers and always contact him as soon as possible after a fire has occurred. The sooner you enlist his services, the more familiar he will be with your case and the better prepared to protect your rights! Visit online to learn more or call 847-436-9566 to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.


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