Practice Areas

My primary areas of practice include complex insurance claims, general commercial litigation, and environmental enforcement.

Complex Insurance Claims

An insurance policy is a contract that is contingent on the occurrence of an event. If that event has now happened, i.e. you have had a property loss, you are entitled to the contract benefits.

Home loss claims are by their nature complex. They are a mixture of negotiating the value of lost property, interpreting both contract language and custom for repair or replacement decisions, and arguing for coverage if the insurer denies that certain losses are covered.

Maybe you are overwhelmed by the issues and are unsure of your ability to negotiate your own insurance claim. If you are in Illinois, I can represent you and take much of the burden off your shoulders. Having an attorney on your side can make a difference in how the insurance company views your claim.

I also have experience recovering commercial property losses including disaster, breach of contract,and shipping losses (Carmack Amendment claims)

Environmental Enforcement

Attorneys have a professional responsibility to use their position as officers of our courts for the benefit of the underserved. This is often called pro bono work. I choose to focus my pro bono efforts for the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem. Toward this end I have provided thousands of hours of legal and director services to Blue Eco Legal Council, an environmental watchdog group that files citizen suits to get the United States government to clean up hazardous waste in our ecosystem.

I can also help you in navigating the complex environmental statutes such as CERCLA, RCRA, and the Clean Water Act.



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